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Anthony Weiner need a conscience, not sex rehab

I don't need to explain why Anthony Weiner is a douche. Aside from his current tweeting scandal, there have been many times in the past where I should have written about him for idiotic things he's said in Congress. But I'm not writing about either of those incidents today. I'm writing about the fact that Weiner refuses to step down from office, despite a call from Nancy Pelosi, the most corrupt of them all, and has decided to check himself into a treatment center for sex addictions.

This is nothing more than a PR move. Anthony Weiner knows he doesn't need to go to rehab for his "problem". He just needs to take responsibility and learn how to control himself like every other man in the world. The only reason he's checking himself into treatment is because he thinks it will make him look better in the public eye. He's trying to take a page out of the Tiger Woods playbook of damage control.

But the difference between Tiger Woods and Anthony Weiner is that Weiner is an elected official who is supposed to represent our country. What Weiner really should do is step down. Our Congress is supposed to be made up of upstanding citizens, above reproach and free from any sort of scandal, whether sexual or fiscal.

Can you imagine what our founding fathers would think if they saw what is going on today? Weiner has clearly shown that he does not represent his district, unless his district is primarily made up of pervy men who don't know how to control themselves.

Anthony Weiner is a douche for refusing to step down and let someone with more morality step in and represent his district. Weiner has ruined his reputation and it's something from which he can never recover.