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Come on, @Nouriel. Rick Perry didn't make "murder threats" on Ben Bernanke and you know it.

I should start by saying I'm not a fan of Rick Perry. But I'm also not a fan of people who take things completely out of context to try to prove a political point. I'm looking at you, Nouriel Roubini.

Earlier, Nouriel Roubini, an academic at NYU, tweeted this:

Murder threats? That sounds pretty serious right? So I clicked on it. Here's the video:

Hmm, that's a bit far from a "death threat", Mr. Roubini. Sounds like someone is crying wolf.

He later tweeted:

The mind of Rick Perry (his sick words on Bernanke) is not much different from that of the Norway mass murdered. Loaded words cause violence.

Riiight. Okay. So conservatives are continually called racists and Joe Biden can call the tea party terrorists for not wanting to raise the debt ceiling, and that's different? There is a clear double standard here. Besides, it's not like the left has never held a violent protest before.

Liberals will say that events like Norway and Gabby Giffords are the result of right-wing "nutjobs" who were "incited" to violence. But the reality is that people on both sides say and do stupid things, and the opposing political party will always find some one on the other side to point the finger at. But I digress.

This tweet by Roubini went a little far. There is obviously no "incitement" to violence whatsoever, and he knows it. And if he honestly doesn't, it's clear he doesn't understand American culture and what Perry was inferring.

Roubini should stop taking things out of context for the sole purpose of brainwashing the young minds he teaches. It is disappointing to me that people like Roubini, a lifetime academic who has never held a real job in his life, represents the vast majority of educators today. They don't understand how the world (and business) works because they've never actually had to live in it. So when this opportunity arose to slam an opposing viewpoint, he attempted to take advantage. But he completely took Rick Perry out of context. And unfortunately for Roubini, the only thing he did was make himself look like a douchebag.