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Chris Matthews is a douche and a liar, flat out lies about a statement from Ron Paul.

Chris Matthews told his viewers that Ron Paul said he would let someone die if they couldn't pay for their health coverage. But actually, Ron Paul said quite the opposite.

Fortunately there are people who fact check this stuff. It's unbelievable that Chris Matthews is said what he said. He couldn't have said anything further from the truth. Hey Chris - how about reviewing the tape before you make these accusations?


MSNBC demonstrates their douchiness by siding with a candidate who has a vocabulary of 5 words

Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene on MSNBC. Greene was given a narrow agenda: say that "Jim DeMint started the recession" and say nothing else!

Interview starts about 1 minute in.

Here's the kicker: at the end of the segment, after Greene demonstrated he is a puppet for the Democratic party and really knows nothing about politics, Lawrence O'Donnell states, "I don't think Jim DeMint personally started the recession, but I do think [that] Alvin Greene, still better than Jim DeMint."

O'Donnell - for this baseless statement, you prove that you are also a puppet, but for MSNBC's political agenda, and that your allegiance to them gets in the way of honest reporting. For this, you have earned yourself a douche badge!