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Today's 2fer: Petty Congressmembers Sheila Jackson Lee and Lamar Smith

Congressman Steve King posted this tweet after tuning out Representative Sheila Jackson Lee in SOPA hearings this week. Jackson Lee responded by saying, "It's inappropriate to have a member of the Judiciary committee be so offensive."

As if that bickering wasn't enough, Lamar Smith decided to take issue with the word "offensive." The House has rules about "disorderly words" and "unparliamentary language" and apparently the use of the word "offensive" to describe a Congressmember applied.

According to CBS News, "[Smith] had apparently concluded that unlike 'boring,' her use of the word 'offensive' violated House rules. He asked Jackson Lee to formally withdraw her remark. She refused."

Smith tried again, saying that he was trying to "avoid making an official ruling" to the effect that Jackson Lee "impugned the integrity of a member of this committee." Would she "consider having just that one word stricken from the record?"Jackson Lee again refused. She wanted King to "give the committee an apology."

Finally, the resolution: Jackson Lee relented. She wanted to have "just that one word stricken from the record."

It's no wonder the approval rating for Congress is in the single digits. This is a total joke. Congressmembers need to get over themselves and work to fix real issues this country is facing, rather than spending time trying to get people to apologize for getting their feelings hurt.

Regardless of whether or not the comments made by King or Jackson Lee are rude or abrasive, there's only one solution to this whole mess: GET OVER IT.

The REAL problem with Congress

Congress has a lot of problems, but none greater than passing pointless recognition resolutions. It's such a waste of time. This video was made last year, when Congress ran into the same problem of not passing a budget by the deadline, but it applies just as much today as it did a year ago.