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Being successful is now a bad thing: The NJEA attacks, lies about Chris Christie in this TV ad.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is currently getting railed by the New Jersey Education Association. But their angle is to attack his prosperity. The attack ad begins like this:

Chris Christie seems to like the company of millionaires. His Chief of Staff, his State Treasurer, even his Acting Commissioner of Education, all millionaires. Christie himself has a net worth of over $3 million.

What the commercial fails to cover is the fact that Christie is a self-made millionaire. Christie is a guy who clearly knows how to make money and keep his personal finances in check. That's why he's still worth close to $4 million, long after earning the bulk of it in his private life. The whole point of the commercial is to attack his success. The same goes for his cabinet. They're attacking a guy just for being successful, and I find that outrageous. They are trying to punish success.

Since when did being successful become a bad thing? It never ceases to amaze me how the people attacking him don't understand that self-made millionaires are usually the most qualified for the job. They understand things like economics and balancing a budget. They did it in their personal lives, so they have a good chance they can do the same in their government positions. The debate between creating wealth vs. inheriting wealth is best summed up by this statement:

"If you didn't earn it yourself, you're probably going to squander it because you don't appreciate it. You don't understand what it took to get there and you have no concept." -Pat Gray

That's why it's important to have successful people in politics. They know what it took to get where they are and are more capable of handling money properly. Because they've done it before.

Side note: the commercial goes on to say that he cut taxes for millionaires. This statement is flat out lie. The democrats proposed a law that would raise taxes on millionaires which he refused to sign. I'm sorry, but a veto of a tax increase bill targeting millionaires does NOT equate to a tax cut.

The NJEA is a group of corrupt liars and it's dispicable that they're trying to bring down a succesful guy simply for being succesful.

Alan Grayson, how do you live with yourself? Political ad takes opponent entirely out of context.

Florida incumbent Congressman Alan Grayson released a commercial completely taking his rival, Dan Webster, out of context in a political smear campaign that held no truth whatsoever. It is unbelievable how low politicians go to try to win an election. Alan Grayson, you are a certifiable douche!

Here's the produced commercial:

And here's what Dan Webster actually said:

Also, note the irony in the fact that Dan Webster even says "Don't pick the [verses] that say, 'You should submit to me'," which is exactly what Alan Grayson chose to highlight in his commercial.