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Off-duty cop makes arrest, unions file complaint

If you didn't already think unions are the scum of the earth, this should convince you. The chief of police in Scranton, PA was checking into a drug complaint on his day off and it led to him making an arrest. Sounds good, right? A heroic public servant who is doing his part to keep crime under control, even on his day off. Well, that's not the way the Scranton police union saw it.

The police union saw the action by the chief as one that could result in the layoffs of regular officers if the chief has to "step in and do the work."

You've got to be kidding me. Whose side are these unions on? Only a convoluted mind could twist the actions of the chief into being a negative thing. The union is trying to punish an honest, hard working, true public servant for doing the right thing. The cops and the chief are supposed to be on the same side!

Shame on the Scranton police union. Instead of complaining about their chief busting punks and threatening the jobs of union members, the union members should take some proactive steps to demonstrate their value to the community and thank their chief for his dedication to the community.