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CA University Teacher Singles Out, Bans Fox News as Research Source

It's incredible what teachers in state schools get away with these days. A friend of mine is taking a political science class taught by Dr. William Julius at California State University at Fullerton, better known as Cal State Fullerton.

One of his assignments was a paper on public policy. The assignment instructions went into detail about Excellent Sources, Acceptable Sources, and Unacceptable Sources.

While the Excellent Sources section listed "public opinion polls," he was shocked to find this little tidbit in the Unacceptable Sources section:

2. Any FOX News broadcast, publication, or public opinion poll

Accompanying Fox News in the Unacceptable Sources section was the Orange County Register, a local right-winged newspaper, which is what you get in a community that has consistently leaned Republican for its entire existence.

The fact that Fox News got singled out is appalling - no other broadcast news source was banned.

My friend wanted to ask why Fox News wasn't allowed as a source, but he smartly decided that instead, he'd rather keep his head down and just pass the class.