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MSNBC demonstrates their douchiness by siding with a candidate who has a vocabulary of 5 words

Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene on MSNBC. Greene was given a narrow agenda: say that "Jim DeMint started the recession" and say nothing else!

Interview starts about 1 minute in.

Here's the kicker: at the end of the segment, after Greene demonstrated he is a puppet for the Democratic party and really knows nothing about politics, Lawrence O'Donnell states, "I don't think Jim DeMint personally started the recession, but I do think [that] Alvin Greene, still better than Jim DeMint."

O'Donnell - for this baseless statement, you prove that you are also a puppet, but for MSNBC's political agenda, and that your allegiance to them gets in the way of honest reporting. For this, you have earned yourself a douche badge!