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Worst idea of the day: banning perfumes on college campus

The human resources director of Framingam State University, Rita Colucci, decided to consider a fragrance ban after receiving "numerous complaints" from faculty members.

What is wrong with this woman?

According to the report, the faculty members also noted that cleaners and disinfectants can cause health problems. I'm sorry, but is the solution to stop using cleaning products? Is it time to stop disinfecting things?

This is just an example of a person with a minority voice trying to make a change that the majority doesn't want. Even the reporter stated, "I couldn't find a single student on campus who thought banning perfume was a good idea."

But the best quote came from a student at the university:

"There's always going to be something that [somebody doesn't like] but you don't just take it away for everyone. You learn to live with it and you learn to cope and you compromise with each other."

Hmm, maybe he should take over the job of HR director. He seems to have his head screwed on a lot straighter than Colucci does.